First concert in England

We have three updates today from members of the violin sections, focusing mostly on yesterday evening’s concert at St. George’s Hall in Liverpool (6/21/12). We’ll hear from Ivanna Gomes, Carly Gonzalez-Sanchez, and Cindy Wu.

From Carly:
The YOSA group performed in St. George’s Hall yesterday. I was delighted by the architecture of the building. The statues were elegant, the lights were lovely structures of crystal, and the room in which the orchestra played was warm in color. The performance of the orchestra was exemplified by the room due to the area’s acoustic structure, lending to the impressive sound emitted by our group of performers. The orchestra itself was abuzz with energy during the performance: ‘we are in England, we are going to play in England!’ Afterwards, the crowd was pleased with the orchestra’s musical display. The audience rewarded us with clapping, lasting long enough to grant us time for three bows. It was quite an exhilarating experience and I am fully glad that the opportunity has been given to us to perform in England, not just this gratifying once, but two more times.

From Ivanna:

Hi, my name is Ivanna Gomez and I’m a member of the YOSA Philharmonic. If it weren’t for Rackspace, I wouldn’t be able to attend YOSA, So Thank You Rackspace!

I’ve been playing the violin for about 5 years and I go to Theodore Roosevelt High School. I’ve only been a member of YOSA for 2 years, and I absolutely LOVE it! The highlights of my years since I’ve been in High School all consist of YOSA events. I can’t really describe how much I love being in YOSA.

This is my first international trip, and this was my first time on an airplane; sitting on a plane for about 9 and a half hours was a little uncomfortable but it was totally worth it, because I am totally loving England! So far, we’ve been to Coventry, Warwick, Stratford, Liverpool, and we just finished walking around Chester and we’re heading of to Cardiff.  We have done so many things in just a few days, it’s pretty crazy!  And last night, we had our first concert at St. Georges Hall in Liverpool. For our first concert on tour and being exhausted from running around England, it was a pretty awesome concert. Though there wasn’t a huge crowd, it was a pretty awesome to just be playing in that hall. I’m so fortunate to have this opportunity to come to England, and I can’t wait to see what lies head on this tour. Peace, from England!

From Cindy:

Last night, we had the opportunity to perform at St. George’s Hall in Liverpool. It was one of the most beautiful concert halls I’ve ever played in, with a tall, ornate ceiling and intricately decorated walls. Before we played, we got to listen to the Wirral Orchestra, a local amateur group that played the first half of our concert. By the time it was our turn, it was already around 9:00 PM. Although we were a little tired and our audience was small, it was still one of the best concerts we’ve played this year. There was definitely a lot of energy amidst the sweat and exhaustion, and I’m really glad I was able to experience this. After the concert, many of the Wirral Orchestra musicians even came to congratulate us on a great performance! This first concert was an amazing experience, and definitely part of what will make this trip to England unforgettable.




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  1. Serafin Says:

    The blogs are enjoyable to read as they portray the exciting tours, places, and performance. May YOSA’s second performance at Cardiff be as well received. Keep up the exceptional performance.

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