Warwick and Shakespeare

Another post from flutist Jessica Hall:

Today was lots of fun in a lot more time. We started our travels today in Coventry at the Coventry Cathedral. The original cathedral was bombed during WWII, and all that is left of the old structure is a few spires and the outer wall; it is still incredibly beautiful! The new structure was built after the war and stands right beside the older predecessor.

Our next stop was Warwick Castle, which is owned by Madame Tussaud’s. Compared to Windsor Castle, it is a lot more tourist oriented; dungeon tours, trebuchet launches, and archery sessions are just a few things they had available for visitors to take part in. It was very eye opening to see how much work it took to fire the trebuchet once; let’s just say that it wouldn’t be pleasant to be the operator! There were also many exhibits full of suits of armor, weapons, and other medieval items. I also made friends with some of the wax figures spread throughout the castle.

After Warwick Castle, we stopped at the Saxon Mill Pub. The British cuisine served to us was pretty good; roasted lamb and chicken, oven fired pizzas, and wraps were just part of our lunch. From the pub, we drove to Stratford-Upon-Avon, William Shakespeare’s hometown.        It was neat to see all the old Elizabethan homes amidst the Victorian and modern-day architecture. We stopped by the Trinity Church, where Shakespeare and his family are buried. After that, we saw the theater where the Royal Shakespeare Company performs. Seeing how much of an impact one person can make on a town was very neat. We are now in transit to our hotel in Coventry. Tomorrow we will depart for Liverpool, where we will have our first concert. I can’t believe that our concert is already here! I’m sure we will make San Antonio, Texas, and the U.S. proud.


4 Responses to “Warwick and Shakespeare”

  1. Chris Cannon Says:

    Thank you Jessica for your accounts of your trip thus far. I am impressed that you have such an interest in the history of what your experiencing. As always from the parents of YOSA we are all very proud of you guys.

    Courtney Cannon’s dad.

  2. Linda Mikula - Jessica's aunt Says:

    Ack! Shakespeare’s hometown! I am terribly envious right now as I will be teaching British Literature in the coming school year. I hope you are taking millions of pictures Jessica. I’m sure I can use them in my lessons! I hope you are having a wonderful time. Please keep blogging. it’s great to hear how the trip is going.
    Aunt Linda

  3. Carol De Leon Says:

    Thank you Jessica for all your detail and great information. With the beautiful sounds of your flute I know you will make San Antonio proud. The farewell concert was just the beginning of the beautiful music that you will share with those who will hear you in England. Say hi to my daughter Leah De Leon for me please (vioin) and tell her I love her and miss her but I am so glad to know of all the fun she must be having. GO YOSA!

  4. Audra Hall Says:

    We are enjoying following your trip via the blog! It sounds incredible. I’m sure the first concert was an experience that you will never forget. We are so proud of YOSA!

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