Flights, lines, and castles

Hi! My name is Cindy Wu, and I’ve been in YOSA for a little over three years. I started playing the violin in fifth grade, and five years later it’s still my favorite instrument!

Two summers ago I had the amazing opportunity to go on YOSA’s Great Tour of China. At the beginning of that trip, I was still one of the newer members of the orchestra and didn’t really know anyone. But by the end, I had made tons of memories with a great group of friends.

This summer, I’m once again embarking on a journey to a foreign country with my friends, both old and new. So far, this trip has definitely felt a lot different compared to the previous one. While YOSA itself has become much more familiar to me, England is a country I know very little about, apart from the stereotypical image of tea-drinking snobs with thick British accents.

I’m definitely looking forward to everything this tour will have to offer, from the nine-hour plane ride to the various tourist spots, and of course, our concerts.

In a way, I feel like the excitement hasn’t quite hit yet. As I was packing and getting ready last night, I didn’t really fully comprehend what I was doing. Well…maybe that was because it was 1:00 A.M. But either way, I can’t wait until we start experiencing all of the fun things England has to offer!

From blogger and YOSA Philharmonic flutist Jessica Hall:
What started as a crazy day of layovers, flash mobs, and jetlag has been so worth it! After arriving at the Houston Airport, our group put on a flash mob to the song “Somebody I Used to Know”; the video of the performance will be up on Facebook shortly!

Once we packed our instruments away, we waited (very patiently) for our flight to London Heathrow to depart. We were served dinner on the flight, which I thought was surprisingly good. While in transit between the two nations, many of us got distracted by the free movies provided to us. I tried to resist the temptation to watch a movie, but eventually caved.

After getting a few hours of sleep, we finally touched down in the London Heathrow Airport, and found a long line for passport check awaiting us. At long last, everyone had been checked through security, and we were boarding our double decker bus (they are as cool as they seem) to Windsor Castle and Oxford. It was amazing to see how much history there was nestled amidst all the modern day stores and shops in these areas! My personal favorite spot of the day was St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. There was so much artwork spread throughout the chapel, and it was evidently clear that the English truly revere their ancestors. We all are very excited for the next few days, and can’t wait to share our talents and represent our nation in Liverpool!



2 Responses to “Flights, lines, and castles”

  1. Carol De Leon Says:

    So cool – be sure to tell Leah De Leon (violin) that her mother loves her and misses her. . .

  2. Yanping Says:


    Enjoy your tour ! Mom and Dad missed you!
    Your post is nice. Keep up your work and write it more.

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