Bon Voyage Concert

Today we hear from Gabriela Barrera, a member of the percussion section. Gabriela will be starting her third year in YOSA this fall, as a musician with the YOSA Philharmonic. She has been playing percussion since sixth grade, and will be a sophomore at Communication Arts High School, studying both percussion and piano.



My name is Gabriela Barrera. This is my first time traveling with YOSA, and my first time traveling outside of the country! I must say I am both apprehensive and excited. Somehow I keep having these weird premonitions that my passport will spontaneously combust and strand me in England. Somehow though, I believe I wouldn’t mind! England seems like a fun and exciting place right now with the upcoming Olympics and the current Euro Soccer Cup (the best sport in my opinion!).

As you may or may not know, earlier today, the YOSA Philharmonic performed our bon voyage concert at Covenant Presbyterian Church. In my opinion, I think we did pretty well (even with my broken thumb, which I conveniently smashed in a car door a few days ago), but it was a good learning experience for all of what may happen when we are tired. Never the less, I think the audience greatly enjoyed our repertoire of music, my personal favorites being Orpheus in the Underworld and Danzon #2. It is those two songs that always make me want to dance, and I always try to convey that through the music so the audience feels the need to wiggle a finger or two to the wonderful songs. The additional help coming from the orchestra has certainly brightened up my day, as people who normally don’t play percussion get the chance to “wail” on a few percussion instruments in a change of pace from their usual instrument (not saying that percussion is the best instrument, just that it can be very relaxing to take out any emotions you have by whacking a bass drum).

England is getting closer, and as we closed up the concert earlier today, I think it finally hit me. I’m so excited the play in English cathedrals, visit the Royal Albert Hall, marvel at Stonehenge, and my new personal goal, try to get those Royal British Guards to show some emotion! I suppose the only downside comes from the fact that according to Mr. Peters, we won’t have one breakfast taco while we are over there (ha-ha), but I’ll take a scone and some fish and chips there any day! Although I couldn’t bring a pair of Texas boots to London to remind me of home, I think just saying “Y’all” should be enough to bring a little piece of San Antonio halfway around the world. I’ll miss my home, but I look forward to meeting new people, making connections, resisting the urge to speak in a British accent, and just plain having fun with the best, most musical people around, the YOSA Philharmonic!


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