Two days till liftoff…

Today’s bloggers are Darian Thomas and Victoria Acuña. Victoria is a member of the second violin section; she’s been playing for five years, and has been a YOSA musician for three. She is 13 years old, a homeschooled student, and this will be her first time traveling outside the United States. Darian graduated from high school in 2011, and is a member of the first violin section. This is his second international tour with YOSA, traveling on the Great Tour of China in 2010 where he was also one of our featured bloggers (see below).

From Victoria20120615-224409.jpg
Today marks the 2nd day of rehearsal!! Our pieces have been getting better and better, I can only imagine how amazing we’re going to sound in England!

We started off with Offenbach. It’s such a great piece to play, and I enjoy it very much. Everyone played it beautifully! Once we finished polishing it up more, we worked on the 1st movement of Dvorak’s New World Symphony. I am so happy that this symphony is in our repertoire. I’ve always loved it as a kid, I was so excited when I got to play this for the audition (I was a YOSA Symphony kid last season), screaming, “I GET TO PLAY THE NEW WORLD SYMPHONY, OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” I admit; it’s a little intimidating playing in an orchestra filled with extremely talented musicians!!

The rest of the day we played Marquez, Walton, and finished with the last movement of the New World Symphony. As usual, Mr. Peters shared useful advice for our upcoming trip, so I recommend you listen to his advice!

With England just three days away, everyone is extremely excited. We’ve all been counting down, and we all have been discussing what we’re going to do there. I am grateful that we Symphony kids were given the chance to join; it has been a huge highlight of my year so far. I’ve never traveled outside of the country, so it’s a little scary being that far from home! But it’s going to be a great experience for everyone, I’m sure of it.

Some fun news today is that we’ll be doing a flash mob during the 5-hour overlay in Houston!! I’m excited to try out to sing for Somebody That I Used to Know, by one of many of my favourite singers, Gotye. I hope we’ll have a boy+girl duet, it really wouldn’t be the same with just one singer. And most of all, I hope I get to sing!! I wish everyone who will be trying out luck, I’m sure you guys are also great singers!


From Darian

I’m Darian Thomas, and I’ve been in YOSA for 7 years. I have studied Music Composition (briefly) at Mannes College The New School for Music, and will continue studying Composition at the University of the Incarnate Word on full scholarship this coming Fall. I have toured with YOSA once before, when we went to China two years ago. It was an AMAZING experience, and judging from the rehearsals so far, this tour will be no different! Allow me to explain:

I knew right away that this tour would be awesome when I found myself placed in one of my favorite chairs: 3rd in the first violins! (with my other favorite being concertmaster, of course.) I love this chair, as I get to do a little showboating and have it be visible to the audience, and don’t have the pressure of preparing solos (something I more than gladly do as concertmaster, but still, it’s nice to have a break). The awesomeness of the tour was magnified exponentially when I saw my stand partner: Aimee Toomes from the San Antonio Symphony! A great chair, an incredible stand partner, and tons of friends who love music? NOTHING COULD BE BETTER.

But wait:

The music we’re playing is wonderful: so far the Marquez Danzon and Walton Crown Imperial March are my favorites. The music is coming together really well, and I’m excited to show England what talent can come from SA Texas!

To top everything off: everyone is having sooo much fun. A couple of Peters-isms are starting to be cataloged, and a few great memories have already been made. I’m looking forward to all of the comedic moments that are coming up in the next 12 days!

Needless to say: I’M UBER EXCITED ABOUT THIS TRIP. I don’t think there’s anyone who feels any differently! So far it seems like only one thing will be difficult and somewhat frustrating for us, and that will be: not “running around the plane from Houston to England giggling at each other and showing off our Hello Kitty note books,” but sleeping to avoid jet-lag instead!


2 Responses to “Two days till liftoff…”

  1. Mack T. Says:

    Have a great trip son!

  2. john ashcroft Says:

    hi all i would like to introduce my self my name is john. i am one of the 2 very lucky bus drivers to carry YOSA around the uk for the last ten days, just would like to say what a privalage it was to be with such a polite and curtiouse and well mannered group of young inderviuals it has been a total pleasure to work alongside such young talent. i have carried many groups over the years but to meet yosa was an honour for me .

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