Fun in the City of Hong Kong

Hong Kong was definitely stereotypical China.  On the way to the harbor, there were a ton of mountains overlooking the harbor.  Hong Kong is also one of the most exciting cities because there is just so much to do and see.  Not that there wasn’t much to do in the other cities, it’s that all the other cities were more spread out and Hong Kong was more compact.  The mall that we went to in Hong Kong was huge!  I don’t even know how many floors there were, but sadly I only got up to the 3rd or 4th floor.  Surprisingly, I only bought one thing, an amazing laser which my mom would later confiscate…

I also thought going to the Hong Kong night market was fun.  I didn’t enjoy oversleeping and almost missing the bus, but at least I got really cheap silk shirts!  Overall, I think the ride to the harbor was the best part of Hong Kong because of the scenery of the mountain ranges.  The boat ride wasn’t bad either.  I hope my blogs have shown you a little bit of what we experienced in China and all the fun we were having. This was a great trip!

Michael Villarreal

YOSA Performing in Hong Kong


One Response to “Fun in the City of Hong Kong”

  1. David Carr, Sr. Says:

    Tell David Carr (Trumpet) that his parents are proud of him and to use the calling card that I gave him. We want to chat with him while he is across the pond. Anytime, day or night. Mom will wake up for it. David Carr, Sr.

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