Darian’s Doubts Dwindle after Great Tour of China

I want to be a music major, but because of auditions that are coming up and all of the work and “drama” that has been going on, I was beginning to question my choice. China reassured my career path though, I now know again (100%) that I want to be a musician. Every performance was a different experience, each one was amazing in its unique way. The first hall was so pleasing to be in, and to be able to play in it was a gift that I may never have again.

Playing in front of so many people was exhilarating, and making so many people happy was right up my alley (I tend to be a bit of a people pleaser – one of those who thinks they can please everyone :-D).  Having had that experience was so amazing that it, in part, reminded me of the joy I can bring others through music, how much better a musician can make another’s life.

Playing in Hangzhou was a reminder of the excitement music can bring to others. I was reminded of this in the intermission and the end of our concert. I do think that Alejandro, Nico, Oliver, Tina and Abby got the biggest reminder, considering how they were basically attacked with fans during these two periods of the concert. It was fun to watch, but also just scary enough to where I chose to stay on stage ;-D

The concert in Shanghai exemplified how connected people could become through music. During the Spring Festival Overture the people in the audience began clapping, which definitely made me feel more connected to the audience. After we finished they were saying “thank you” and some of us were saying “Xie Xie.”

The concert in Hong Kong was intriguing, the HKYS is different but also very similar to YOSA, similarities in the people, differences in the culture. Let’s just say that I doubt I will be forgetting my dinner that night anytime soon… XD But I was reminded of how friends can be developed through playing music together. Even aside from all of the concerts, having so much fun, meeting so many people, being able to travel so far – none of it would have happened had I not been involved in music/YOSA, so in order to have a chance of having any similar experience later on I have to stay in music… Besides, I love music. Why not do something I love, especially if it can bring me so much happiness, and can bring so much joy to others? I loved China and I love YOSA for letting me have such an experience. 😀


Darian, Serena and Nico


One Response to “Darian’s Doubts Dwindle after Great Tour of China”

  1. Serena Davis Says:

    Yay! I took that picture! 🙂

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