The Wonders in Shanghai

Shanghai was great, but I wasn’t expecting the air to be so polluted, especially because Beijing was so nice. The first day was fine, and we went to an instrument museum with a ton of traditional Chinese instruments. Then, we went to one of the most amazing acrobatic shows I have ever seen. The stunts were incredible! They did everything you can imagine and more.  I wasn’t expecting such a performance. The second day we went to the Yu Garden.  The house in the garden was amazing. In China, the gardens have huge houses, not like in America, where a garden just has plants. Well, anyway, the garden was built for a father and was very luxurious. It even had dragons which had to be called dogs so the workers would not be killed by the emperor. At the Expo, we had VIP passes that could be used for most of the buildings. Belgium was awesome! If I were to pick a future earth, it would be Belgium. It just seemed to be the most logical to me, but of course, I couldn’t go to all of them.  I’m judging this from what I was able to see. Also, I had a Belgian waffle, and it was like a small piece of heaven. Speaking of the food over the course of a couple days, I’ve had snail and a 100-year-old egg which tasted amazing. I will try to write some blogs about Hangzhou and Hong Kong soon.

Michael Villarreal


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