Shanghai – Expo in the Clouds

This morning, I woke up early enough to hurry downstairs with my violin, grab two slices of toast and hightail it to the bus.  Crossing over the raised highway´s bridge, we noticed that the sun was actually visible for the first time.  This caused the haze to become extremely bright, creating a brilliant effect against the endless backdrop of high rises.

We got to the Expo, toured our native pavilion and played our concerts (the crowd favorite of which had to be Spring Festival Overture…for obvious reasons).  Now, although we were at the Expo all day, there isn´t much that can be put into words.  It was a very visual experience (and I am trying to find a computer that will download my pictures).  You will want to know that the Expo is essentially an enormous place for the different countries to show off.  Each country has a different building, called a pavilion, representative and full of cultural examples.  My small group managed to make it all the way around the grounds – probably much more than a mile.  I would love to write more, but it is now bed time…so ciao!

Michael Vybiral


3 Responses to “Shanghai – Expo in the Clouds”

  1. Savanna Flores Says:

    My boy friend is in china right now with yosa and doesnt really tell me much or anything at all but reading your blogs lets me know what you guys are up to and hoe much fun your having. China seems like an amazing place and i hope yosa keeps having tons of fun keep blogging its nice to read.

  2. Savanna Flores Says:

    sorry i meant how

  3. Marian wagner Says:

    INteresting and unexpected how you’ve commented extensively on the skies and atmosphere. I’m really appreciating this, too. It’s really coming alive thanks to you, Michael! A grandparent’s wish come true!

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