Beautiful Beijing

Beijing is so amazing! So far on our Great Tour of China, we have seen the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. The food has been really good, too, but I wasn’t expecting the Peking Duck to be so bitter.  It was probably because I put too much duck sauce.  For some reason, no one but I wanted seconds on the duck. At the mall, I picked up a huge plate of food for about two American dollars, and it was really good!

The Summer Palace, I have to say, was the second best thing that we have seen. The artwork on some of the beams was like nothing I could ever have imagined. I’m not joking! The buildings and the paintings were also beautiful, and I have never seen architecture and artwork so amazing with my own eyes. The Forbidden City is where I found the biggest buildings with the most art.  Nowhere was the artwork as beautiful and intricate as at the Summer Palace. The Great Wall was great, too, but sadly, I wasn’t able to climb to the top because I didn’t have enough time.  I got really close, though.  I got close enough that if I would have walked another 20 minutes, I would have reached the top.  Also, during our whole stay in Beijing, it has been completely clear, not a cloud in the sky. So much for the warning of smog and pollution! Well, I’m greatly anticipating Shanghai, and I’ll get back to you when I get there!

Michael Villarreal, cello

Part of YOSA Group at Summer Palace


2 Responses to “Beautiful Beijing”

  1. Elaine Kolodziej Says:

    Hello Jacob!

  2. Marian wagner Says:

    Thank you for the “Beautiful Beijing” description! Reading you is wonderful

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