Student Visits Land He Has Only Seen Through Music

In four days, YOSA will embark on its eighth international concert tour, taking 48 student musicians to China. Michael Vybiral, 16 and a recent graduate from New Braunfels Christian Academy, is among the musicians in the touring orchestra. Michael, who will be attending Concordia University in Austin, TX this fall on a full ride scholarship, wrote this about his anticipated trip to China:

Three years ago, I came across a piece called The Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto when I was looking for a unique piece for the YOSA Concerto Competition. Little did I know that I would soon be traveling to the very same land that was the inspiration and origin of this music.

The Chinese style of music, and indeed all sorts of ethnic styles, have long held a fascination for me, and so I greatly look forward to experiencing this style in its homeland. Aside from the musical value, a couple of the highlights of the trip for me will be visiting the water town Wuzhen and the train ride from Beijing to Shanghai. More on that later, but I must say farewell for now, my dear readers. The far side of the world awaits!


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