Taking Down Names

Have you ever had one of those moments? You know, where you know you are going to need something; you even tell yourself to take it with you and then you forget it? I did that the other day down at the YOSA Music Learning Center.

I was walking around the campus of Good Sam finding stray students to send into class when I remembered that I was also supposed to be finding out where some of them went to school for an upcoming performance program. I had written up a nice list specifically for that purpose – so that I could just fill in the school name; and I promptly left the list in the classroom while I wandered about. Of course, I just happened to have the luck of seeing most of the students who were on the list. Naturally, I started asking them where they went to school, only to realize there was no way I would remember all of the schools and that I would end up asking again. Except that, I had my purple sharpie with me; I made the quick executive decision to use my arm for paper and voila, I had my list.

Just in case you were curious – the concert was for the Junior Strings Series: Fiesta! on April 18 at the Carver Community Cultural Center. The performance featured some of their favorite pieces including “Ode to Joy” and “We Will Rock You.”

Ms. Kendra Wharton, MLC Assistant Instructor

Taking Down Names


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