Behind the Scenes

YOSA’s season started in November and has been in full swing since. In one season alone (November to May), YOSA performs over 25 concerts. What you see (or what we hope you see) is a polished, errorless concert. But what kind of work goes on before that concert?

Rehearsal: our students practice once a week with their orchestras, giving up about two hours of their Tuesdays or Sundays (depending on what orchestra they’re in). Aside from orchestra rehearsal, most of our members take private lessons, are in their school music program and practice on their free time.

Moving Equipment: our diligent operations team (shout out to Alexandra Wood and Ahmad Mayes) gave up their weekends a long time ago. These two are to thank for making sure all of the percussion instruments make it safely to each concert. Has anyone ever had to drag a timpani across a room? A timpani can weigh over 150 pounds easily (the equivalent to an average teenage boy).

Marketing: before each set of concerts, I’m in charge of putting the program book together. This 40 page plus book contains valuable info like members’ names, schools, concert listing, ads, bios, etc. We produce three program books per season. In addition to the program books, I have to pitch story ideas to the media, in hopes that cameras will show to our concerts. I also work on PSAs (public service announcements) and handle the YOSA merchandise. If you want to buy a YOSA hoodie, I’m the one to call.

But we’re not the only people who work to make sure these concerts are made possible. We couldn’t perform all of our many concerts without the tremendous support of our parents, conductors, instrumental directors, private teachers, school teachers, board members, donors and fans.

Thank you for allowing YOSA to bring music to you!


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