Site Inspection Trip

Arrived safely in Shanghai at our hotel. For this site inspection trip my wife, Ena, has joined me (at her own expense of course). Rick Dillard, the president of American Classic Tours, will join us in a couple of days when we dig deeper into the planning.

We are staying in a Howard Johnson Hotel, although the level is significantly higher than what you would find on the side of a freeway back in America. The hotel we will stay in for the YOSA tour next summer currently has a construction site in front of it so the local tour company who is looking after us, Asia Getaways, decided we would be more comfortable here. I’ll get to visit our planned hotel in a couple of day’s time.

Once we freshened up, we decided to go out and explore and get something to eat. The concierge at the hotel’s front desk suggested a good restaurant about 10 blocks away. He hailed us a cab after having written down the name and address of the restaurant for the taxi driver. The 10 minute cab rise cost us a total of 11 Yuan ($1.60) and our excellent Chinese meal was 74 Yuan for both of us ($10.72). To soak in the atmosphere we walked back to the hotel passing a modern shopping street as well as some more traditional stores which are just about 12′ by 12′ with a family sitting around a table watching grainy TV sets or playing mahjong.

Now it is off to bed to try and recover from the lack of sleep on the flight over.

Steven Payne

6-Story Barbie Shop in Shanghai!

6-Story Barbie Shop in Shanghai!

View of Shanghai Skyline from our Hotel

View of Shanghai Skyline from our Hotel


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  1. marylauracarter Says:

    Great blog. Am interested in keeping up with your trip.

    Laura Carter

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