A Day at YOSA’s Music Learning Center

As some of you may already know, YOSA launched its first Music Learning Center this September. Inspired by El Sistema in Venezuela, this after school program offers free instruction in violin and cello to students on the West Side of San Antonio. Held at the Good Samaritan Community Services Center, the program now serves 122 students.

Yesterday I had the chance to scope out some of the classes and meet these wonderful kids. I quietly observed from the back of the room as the students trickled in, neatly placing their belongings in the appropriate bin. They picked up their instrument (color coded for them by size) and sat down impatiently waiting to play “Ode to Joy.”

The MLC is led by Maggie Raveneau, a sharp, young cellist who some of these kids refer to as “Mom.” Maggie played games with the kids and had a “cellos vs. violins” game. The kids had so much fun that by the end of class, they begged to stay for the next class!

Maggie’s advanced group got to do “art attacks.” An art attack is when the class picks random places at the Good Sam Center to play the music they just learned. The kids feel so proud playing the music they just learned in front of their peers. But more than just learning an instrument, these kids come together every day after school and are in an environment surrounded by love and appreciation.

I encourage everyone to drop by and say hi to these kids. I guarantee you will leave a changed person.

Until next time,

Marketing & Community Relations Manager

MLC Class
Young Violinist
Art Attack


One Response to “A Day at YOSA’s Music Learning Center”

  1. Johnathan Chipp Says:


    Stopped in to read your first ever blog on YOSA. It wonderful that there’s something like this to give kids something to do. Otherwise they tend to get into trouble more often trying to entertain themselves. It’s also a great confidence builder playing music and learning.

    My dogs breeder Jeannie (email me sometime at my gmail address and I’ll send a link to her site) has been using the Great Pyrenees in therapy and education. She takes the dogs to schools and the idea of the reading program is that the kids can lay on the Pyr’s and read to them, in order to get children interested in reading. It’s an outstanding concept, and is working out very well!

    Well, take care and have fun! Snowed more here in Wyoming so it’s just not so great to get outside. I might take the dogs to their park later, they just adore playing in the snow…. KIDS!

    Johnathan Chipp (jchipp1)

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